Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Here I sit, it's Tuesday morning and I'm ready for my 2nd cup of coffee. Matt left this morning at 8am to head straight to the airport as the snow started to fall. I haven't been too excited for Matt's trip since Abs and I are stuck here at home. Not only are we home alone, we're without Toby and now the yard it beautifully white so we're wont be venturing away from the house. Today might be a really long day.

Abigail ate only half her breakfast then enjoyed playing with Cheerios. Yes, I said playing not eating and most of the Cheerios are now on my living room floor. While she wasn't shaking the Cheerios out of her snack cup, she kept wanting to sit on my lap and play a bit on the couch. I was looking up some upcoming events online for my mom's group and not too long ago Abigail actually fell asleep in my arms while I was typing away.
Abigail must have been really tired because this never happens, besides when she's feeling crummy. I didn't want to put her in her crib because she's so darn cute. Eventually, I did let her sleep in her room because my leg started falling asleep.

In transferring the picture from above from camera to computer, I realized I never uploaded pictures from a playdate last week or the video from yesterday!

Abigail and Sabrina always have fun playing! They enjoyed climbing in and out of the cart pictured below, and in and out of the baby swing. Sabrina would hold Abigail's hand, and Abs would get confused ans slightly frustrated with this. Sabrina's little sister, Christina was rolling all over the place and Abigail needs to learn to share better with Christina (Abs and Christina are the same school age). It's fun to see the girls playing and growing together!

Yesterday, we hosted a small playdate for our MOPS group. It was nice seeing Abigail interact with other kids so close to her age (all within months of each other). In hanging out with some of these kids lately, one little boy in particular has been a very bad example for Abigail because he loves climbing stairs. Abigail was taught to not climb our stairs. Beyond her climbing on the first stair once or twice, she normally stays clear of the stairs...until yesterday. She didn't realize I walked down the hallway to put some clothes in the dryer and managed to climb up to the 5th or 6th stair. When I saw her, I was disappointed and asked her to get down. She immediately started crying, the sobbing crying kind. Every time I asked her to get down, she started crying again. I had to grab my camera, while she didn't cry a lot once I started the video it still took her another minute and a half to obey.

I know what you're thinking, 'it's time to gate the stairs.' (My mother has be saying this for months.) I still do not want a gate though. We attend playdates and visit family that do not have gated stairs and she needs to know they are off limits regardless.

I cannot believe it's still snowing! The snowflakes had decreased in size and intensity for a while but are falling larger and faster again. Matt's flight was delayed, after they boarded the plane, so hopefully he'll have a good flight (esp since it's a long flight!). If you remember, it snowed on March 1st last year (see picture). The cold weather has me craving Potato Soup, but I don't have any potatoes and I'm sure not going to venture to the grocery store in this weather. I might have to treat myself to some stuffed crust pizza delivery tonight. Maybe Abigail and I will make it outside for some pictures when she wakes from her nap. It's going to be one long day of being stuck indoors without the anticipation of 'daddy's coming home.' I honestly don't know how military wives or even two of the families in our new small group 'survive' where the husband is out of town every M-F for business! I'm sure it's like everything else, it's something you get used to...but I'm sure glad that's not us. While I love spending my days with Abigail, it is a blessing that Matt arrives home every evening and we get to spend that time with him. (I don't think I've ever thought of it like that, as a blessing, before knowing these two families in my small group.) I'm already anxious for Matt's return Thursday night and for our little anniversary weekend getaway to Pigeon Forge this weekend!


"Nina" said...

Hum? Didn't I say 'one day you are going to find her half way up the stairs, just like you brother did to me'?

You may not want a gate for the stairs, but you better teach her to crawl down on her belly!!! She did a good job, but there is a greater chance of her falling forward down the stairs in an attempt to get down before she gets in trouble.

"Nina" said...

sorry, 'your brother'

Janet said...

LOVE the video! Way to lay down the law Jill. I laughed through most of it. Too cute but her safety definitely is important. While I agree with you wanting to teach her to listen to you without having to put physical boundaries, I also agree with your mom's (and I'm sure your) concern for her safety. Not sure how you're going to balance the two but I know you'll figure it out. On another note, I am thoroughly enjoying the books you sent me and want to read more! The Chardonnay one has some really good advice. I have some questions for you once I'm done (I'm about 3/4 of the way through). Muchos besos!