Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matt's Last Day at Philips

As March came to a close, so did Matt's time at Philips. He put in a lot of long hours those last three days finishing up a big project while I hung out with Abigail as she cut her molars. Poor girl was so sad! Matt and I both had dentist appointments so he took Abigail to work while I got my teeth cleaned.

The three of us went for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. Our poor girl hadn't barely eaten anything in a couple days and was so cranky but cuddly. Motrin helped a bit in the relief department.

Abigail had no interest in our cheese calzone (YUM!) and ended up snoozing a bit on her daddy. This was great because she's not always nice to daddy.

Matt ended up working late on his last day! He has amazing work ethic. Then he met his co-workers for a few beers at Fado in Buckhead. Matt said it was nice since some of the co-workers let go in August even joined in on the fun. Here's some pics, even though the only one who knows these people are Matt.

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