Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brown Bag Concert Series

For the last 10 years, Marietta Square has hosted a Brown Bag Concert Series during May and September. Music is played from 12-1 on Thursdays. Abigail and I attended one last September and were excited it was back this month. Unfortunately, the musician informed us that the city was cancelling the series. We heard 'reasons' of complaints from local businesses on lack of patronage during the hour of music and lack of parking due to popularity of the series and even that it has become more of a mom & kid thing instead of something for local business people. If you're interested you can read an article posted to the HERE. The pictures below were taken by the newspaper photographer.
The "dance floor" during the Thursday Brown Bag concert on the Marietta Square was fills with kids. Abigail is the little one in the center with her back to the camera.

This cute little blonde is our friend Bella. The picture was too cute not to share!

Abigail and I will be attending the other events this month, so far the September events have been cancelled. (I did email my Councilman, as are other moms to see if the series can be saved.) It was lots of fun and Abigail enjoyed dancing with all the big girls so it would be a huge bummer if this series was discontinued.

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