Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

After some delicious cafe con leche and cuban bread we attended church. Then Matt, Abigail and I visited the Rhodes Family and played in the pool. Matt didn't take any pictures, but Alyson did so if/when I get these pictures I will post them!In wonderful Sunday tradition, the Henriquez clan got together. In honor of Mother's Day, Grandpa wanted "all the mothers" over, which extended the invitation to my Abuela, Dolores (my Aunt Joanna's mother) and Margie (my Aunt Sharon's mother).


"Nina" said...

Matt should have tried to photoshop eyeballs on that shot of Abuela & Wes!

Matt, I know you just love shooting Mason!!! He has the best expressions!

crashmattb said...

Actually, Jill shot those of Mason. She can hold her own when she actually wants to pick up my camera. :-)