Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grillin' at The Cook's

We joined the Cooks for some grillin' out. It's especially fun for Elaine and I because the hubbies usually have a project or two. I think the projects are just a good excuse to finally get us together! We live so close and can go weeks sometime without hanging out. It's fun to see the girls playing together, they are only 6mo apart in age.

Abigail followed Elaine & Evie upstairs and was very jealous that Evie was getting bath time, when Abigail was not. It was much easier to let them play then to hear Abigail whine. :)

This last video has a lot of bath-time-booty, it's not easy to keep the girls sitting at all times. The password is different, it's Evie's middle name (all lowercase letters).

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