Monday, May 3, 2010

The Magic Kingdom

Abigail met Pinocchio upon entering the park. Nano and Daddy took Abigail to see if she'd be less scared without Mommy around. The 'high five' was a good ice breaker! We were interrupted while taking pictures in front of Cinderella's Castle because someone just had to know where she could buy a dress like Abigail's for her daughter! What a compliment! (Too bad it was specially ordered just for Abigail from her wonderful cousin Marisa.)

We walked through the Swiss Family Robinson house then went on the Jungle Cruise. Our 'tour guide' had all these SUPER cheesy jokes the foreigners didn't get, which made the jokes really funny. The fake animals on the Jungle Cruise did scare Abs a bit which made her want to snuggle safely in Daddy's arms. Abigail enjoyed some playground time while Matt, Nicholas and I rode Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone enjoyed some time inside with A/C for the Country Bear Jamboree. Abigail liked the bears, all the singing and the talking deer mounted on the wall. I was anxious for Abs to experience It's a Small World and we probably should have rode it more than once. For being 'a small world' there's a lot to see and take in! especially for a 16mo old!

Abigail rode the Carousel with Nano. (This was the first of many carousel rides throughout our week in Florida.) She liked it so much she cried and fussed to Nano when the ride was over. She did not realize there were more fun rides to come! The line for Dumbo was super hot but Abigail had fun trying to figure out the control to make Dumbo go up and down. We took her on the Tea Cups, really not sure what reaction we would receive. She loved it and gave us a hearty giggle every time Daddy gave the cup a little spin. Then we rode The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Abigail continuously, happily pointed out "POOH!". She also really liked with the car bounced with T-I-double G-ERRRRR.

I stood in line so Abigail could meet some Disney Princesses. As silly as it seems, the pictures will be super cute in Abigail's scrapbook and I know she'll like looking back at the pictures. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, was not as friendly and personable. Abigail was very confused. Next Abigail met Cinderella who was so great complimenting Abigail and pointed out how they had matching earrings. Abigail wasn't as frightened by the princesses as she was other characters, but she still didn't completely get it. Belle was the last princess and her dress was very bright! The picture we have doesn't show Abigail giving Belle a high five or waving good-bye, I guess she eventually accepted the strangeness. Abigail took a nice little nap while Matt, Nick and I rode Space Mountain then we returned to Toon Town to check out Minnie Mouse's House. Abigail loved the big chairs and was not happy when we asked her to get out of them.
My friend Celia joined us in the evening. She actually has been working for Disney since 2007. Celia joined us for a second ride on the Mad Tea Cups and Abigail enjoyed it just as much as the first time!
Abigail and I had joined my parents in Orlando last October for the Dragon Boat Race. While we did not visit any parks, we did have fun in all the Downtown Disney shops. Check out how our little peanut has changed over the last 7 months, she's still a peanut compared to the size of Mickey & Minnie.

We were at the park for a grand total of 12 hours. I'm already itching to go back. It was such a fun day!

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"Nina" said...

You forgot that Abigail visited the Hall of Presidents. Another cool place to hang out while waiting for roller coaster riders.

12 hrs in that heat was too long, especially since we've been there so many times. She will enjoy it more in the fall. Hopefully weather will be cooler, but not as cold as last year!