Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busch Gardens

Matt, Abigail and I planned a trip to Busch Gardens and Abuela, Christina, Marisa, Mason & Melina joined us for a fun day!With two strollers and a wheel chair, we were quite the wide load!
Abigail has been a big fan of Elmo lately. Before our trip to Tampa, I actually went out to find her a little Elmo and she calls him "MmmElmo". It's super cute. All three kids were taken back by the life-size Elmo. Luckily, we didn't have to wait but a couple minutes to meet both Elmo and Big Bird so we were able to some warming up in before the pictures (unlike the rush of children quickly on and quickly off Santa's lap!). Matt was able to ride the Grover-coaster with Mason a few times because there was NO line, which was a shocker. Then Cookie and Abby Cadabby made cameo visits with the kiddos.

Marisa and I swapped daughters to ride Snuffy's Elephant Rump, which is the equivalent to the Dumbo ride at The Magic Kingdom.
Mason ran right out into the giant bounce house. Melina was not interested/slightly frightened and actually wanted to help Abigail get out. Abigail was trying to chase after Mason. It took a while for Abigail to get her footing and as soon as she'd get up, Mason would run towards her and jump so that Abigail would fall. She loved it and giggled every time! Eventually, Melina joined in the fun. They had the run of the place, literally, no one else was there which was a great intro for Abigail to this type of fun.
We also enjoyed looking at flamingos, crocodiles, monkeys, a hippo, fish, lions and lemurs. Another great day!

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"Nina" said...

you've done a good job catching up with the blogging....busy, busy & lots of photos....