Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Abigail's New Room (Pt 1)

On January 10th Abigail's new bedroom furniture was delivered. We picked it out before Christmas but it couldn't be delivered until then. Abigail was very excited about her new bed. Well, she should be since she had been sleeping on an air mattress for almost a year!
We decided on bunk beds to best utilize the space of her room and chose the trundle drawer which be used when Abigail starts wanting sleepovers. Matt and I are so happy with this furniture from Rooms to Go Kids. Abigail has been sleeping GREAT on her new bed too. She usually takes naps on the top bunk while the bottom is for night time. As you can see there's plenty of room for Toby AND all of her little 'friends'.


Christy said...

this bed is adorable! we purchased a full size mattress for E, since we already had a frame, but I am hoping that when Sawyer is big enough for a BB bed that we can do bunk beds similar to this with a full on bottom. I love her bedding as well!

"Nina" said...

She needs a bed that big with all those 'friends'! Toby looks too funny!

Janet said...

Love the cupcake sheets and the polka dot comforters! Great idea going with the bunk bed. I feel like all kids think bunk beds are so cool that they are beyond excited to have one of their own and start sleeping in it. Hope she is loving the new setup!