Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello Again

Hello Blog Readers,

I cannot believe it's been over a year since either of us have blogged. Well, let's see if I can appease Alyssa with an attempt to start blogging again. Ha. I got pretty burnt out around Summer 2010 so please lower any expectations, uploading photos to too many sites is exhausting & I've learned I flat out cannot do it all.

Abigail 2011 Highlights
-Got her first haircut in February and two more throughout the year.
-Attended her first Strawberry Festival.
-100% potty trained in under 3wks and she's been wearing the cutest panties since June.
-Had her first pediatric dentist appt in July.
-Started taking Gymnastics classes.
-Mommy allowed a babysitter that was not family to watch Abigail.
-Visited Disney World four times, including 1st Chef Mickey's dining in October.
-Got to love on two new baby girl cousins! (Avery in July & Reagan in September)
-She turned THREE! We think she's almost 37" & about 25#.
-Santa brought her a pink bicycle and a lion, just as she requested.
-Is a great singer! ABC's, Twinkle, Part of Your World, I Can Go the Distance...
-Mommy & Daddy ordered her big girl furniture, it will arrive January 10th.

The Crazy 2012 Ahead
-Baby Shower for my sister-in-law, Hayley, in February.
-We will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in Orlando (Disney & Braves Spring Training)
-Easter in Tampa and meeting our newest nephew Will in April.
-The long Memorial Weekend will be full of birthday cake & meeting another new baby cousin.
-Abs will get to meet the Atlantic Ocean in June as we travel to a wedding in Hilton Head.

I hope everyone (or everyone that used to read this blog) had a wonderful 2011 and an amazing first day to 2012. Happy New Year!

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