Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flowers & Polka Dots

Tomorrow, 28yrs ago, I turned three. Today I took Abigail in for her 3yr well check. Last week her dentist appt (her 2nd ever) didn't go so great but I still had higher expectations for this check. Over the last year she has accompanied me to the doctor or known I was going, heard daddy is going to or coming from the doctor and we've taken Toby to the doctor. Since she doesn't see her Pediatrician often, I'm completely okay with her getting shy and being a little leery of 'a strange man'. This morning started out not so great. Abigail wasn't interested in eating much breakfast AND she pitched a royal 'don't want see doctor' fit when I said it was time to go without the Dora episode being finished. I packed my purse full of bribes: goldfish, gummies and THREE candycanes.

Once on our way, the whining continued. Half-way there she asked for her chocolate milk. Why wouldn't she ask for it, I had forgotten it on the kitchen counter as I rushed out the door. I started telling her that after her appointment we could go pick out a toy and what did she want. This was a lame attempt in trying to distract her.

Abigail did great with the nurse around asking questions and taking her blood pressure (94/51). (I was disappointed with Abigail's stats as they were less than she weighed on my parent's scale and shorter than the IKEA measuring tape for their playground.) As expected, she got shy with Dr. Clements. I was shocked when she opened her mouth really big so he could see her throat since she refused to do this for her dentist last week. So far so good.

Me @2yrs 19.5lbs & 31.25in @3yrs 24lbs & 34.75in
Abigail @2yrs 19.5lbs & 33.5in @3yrs 23.5lbs & 36in

Miss Angie arrived with the pricks. One thumb prick to test her hemoglobin and another in the left thigh for HepA vaccine. Abigail was shocked and cried with the thumb prick. I gave her a piece of peppermint stick to suck on for the HepA...she cried so hard it drooled right down her shirt. Poor girl. I think this was the first time it hurt ME. It's been 24mo since she's had any vaccines (diagnosed with Strep at her 2yr well check) and it did not go over well at all.

I had to carry Abigail out of the office. She told me she couldn't walk. Once she settled we talked about her toy and the apple juice she wanted. Abs told me she wanted to hold her toy "in this hand" (showing me her right) and explained how her left hand was hurt. We arrived at the mall and she had me carry her some "the coffee place" for apple juice. She was able to walk a bit but goodness, she's going to work all angles, SHE WAS LIMPING. She managed to walk all the way to 'The Mickey-Minnie Store' and select a tiny Lady and tiny Roo. This really made her feel better.
We could have come home but I still felt bad, the limping continued and she couldn't hold Lady or Roo with the left hand. I've been wanting to check out this place in East Cobb that has a little girl's pedicure chair. With Abigail needing some extra pampering and my birthday being tomorrow, I decided we'd give it a try.
Abigail very quickly selected her PINK polish and enjoyed putting her toes in the water with bubbles. She was shy in the beginning but overcame that quickly. The "boy" as she later referred to the man washed her feet off, removed the polish remnants and then clipped her toenails. The lady seemed to get back from break and swapped out. Abigail got her feet rubbed and her little calves. Her toes were finished up with two little daisies, one on each big toe. Then she stayed very still, like she does at home when getting her fingers painted. The lady offered polka dots and Abigail eagerly accepted. She's so tiny she was able to get a mani-pedi in a shorter time than I just got a pedi (me = jealous!). Abigail was over the moon with her pampering.
Once we were in the car on the way home Abigail told me she did 'not like the boy washing her toes'. It took me a while to realize what she said because it came out of no where. She definitely keeps me laughing. Overall, the flowers and polka dots ended up being the highlight of the day never once mentioning the little ouchies when Matt got home. As her Tia advised, pampering did the trick!

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how sweet! Glad to see you blogging again.