Monday, January 23, 2012

Baking Closet Remodel

There are many places in my house that I feel could be organized much better. Spaces are not being used in the Rmost efficient ways AND because of the disorganization it's costing us money, especially in the baking cabinet. It's costing us money because it's difficult to see items and I forget what I have. Usually I'll end up with duplicate items because I cannot find what I need when I'm searching for it. This is the before picture.Through the fabulous inspiration that is to me, I decided to make this would be a good easy task to accomplish easily. I purchased a little three tier staircase looking piece from Bed, Bath & Beyond for the bottom section. Now all the spices and seasonings can be viewed easily (and without an avalanche effect when searching).
The top section was going to be more of a challenge. There are taller bottles and lots of little sprinkle bottles all together. On the right side I went with a dual lazy susan piece with one riser in the back from Target.
This little re-organization cost about $40. That seems steep reflecting on it BUT I found two extra containers of black pepper and two extra bottles of vanilla that I didn't not know (remember) ever putting in there! I probably will have no need to buy sprinkles and/or cupcake liners for a couple years and now I can actually SEE what I have. I love it.


"Nina" said...

I don't know? If you ask Abigail, I'm sure she would not agree with your comment. There are never enough sprinkles!!!

Janet said...

Nicely done Jill! Organization is a beautiful thing!