Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All I Wanted Was Clean Carpets (Pt1)

Last Wednesday I worked through Abigail's nap to clear all the furniture out so we could steam clean the carpets. We decided to purchase a steam cleaner instead of renting or hiring since it was about the same cost to own as it was for a one time hire. Abigail's room was able to get steam cleaned before her furniture was delivered a couple weeks ago.

Neither Matt nor I like the carpet in the Sunroom, but it's a necessary evil for now. It's still fine carpet and it's not near the top of the priority list to get it changed out. Instead, a good cleaning might help. I moved Abigail's easel and little table into what's become her room (the woodsy room), and the recliner too. The sofa fit perfectly under the kitchen island overhang and the breakfast table ON top the island (yes, Matt helped me flip the table). Here's the mess Abigail DID NOT make in her play room.
I was so pleased when Matt steam cleaned the carpets after Abigail went to bed. I love short time frame projects! Well, someone had to go and suggest painting. We sorta had a free Saturday ahead of us and after all our Birmingham house remodeling, we had all the tools. From Glidden's free quart event (Summer 2009) I racked up 6 FREE quarts of paint too. (PS: Thanks again to those of you to whom I shipped my free paint!)
Friday was spent taking down blinds, removing utility plates, starting to tape off the room and bringing in paint rollers, brushes and floor protectors. Matt finished sanding down a few patch spots in the walls and we were ready to go. His parents even drove up to help distract, I mean spend time with Abigail and give us a few extra hands.
You can barely tell by the photo, but if you're able to enlarge or squint your eyes really tight, you'll be able to see the crazy orange crayon colored all over the wall. Abigail's easel normally is to the right of this wall art - during a playdate, an unknown artist doodled this masterpiece. We're certain it wasn't Abigail but never figured who to "compliment" for this work of art. Needless to say, Matt and I were VERY happy to see it go. Abigail assisted in the first few strokes to hide the crayola.
Abigail must have thought painting the sunroom would have been as fun as painting at Imagine It!, the Atlanta Children's Museum. She really enjoyed painting but I think painting is a bit too messy for an indoor activity.
While I am not a fan of all the prep, clean up or trim (I couldn't do straight trim if my life depended on it), I am able to quickly roll a room. I guess it's from all the many walls of practice from our Pelham home. The picture doesn't do the color justice, it's name is 'Soothing Green Tea'. In this picture the color looks like puke or something nasty from baby's diaper. It's actually a muted lime green shade and it really brightens up the room.

We're now on Day 6 of this 'little project', when all I wanted was clean carpets. I hope the blinds will go back up today, Matt screwed the mounting brackets last night. One of us needs to make a trip to Home Depot to exchange some normal size electric face plate covers for an extra large size. (And the previous home owners and their crappy contractors score another point.) Maybe the room can get put back together tonight...until it does, I will continue to have a sofa in my kitchen.


"Nina" said...

Love the color and just so happy to finally see it painted! It really looks fabulous and actually makes the carpet look better.

"Nina" said...

Can't wait for (Pt 2)!

Christina said...

Hopefully we can come up to see it sometime this year :)

Janet said...

I wish I could do something as simple as painting in our house (like our formal living room) but I don't even know which color to go with. It is amazing though how some paint can transform a room. Nicely done! Here's a tip, when we painted Max's nursery (ok Mike and a friend painted but I taped everything off), I used Frog Tape which worked really well and didn't peel anything off once it was time to remove the tape. I got really straight lines and no mistakes on the walls or ceiling. Taping the room off actually wasn't as bad or tedious as I thought it would be.