Friday, July 17, 2009


My apologies for not being a better blogger lately. After reading this one, you'll understand why blogging hasn't been anywhere near the top of the priority list.

Towards the end of June, Abigail started reaching. At first I thought it was a fluke, but she kept doing it. She'd reach when she wanted to get out of the jumperoo or bouncer, or reach from whomever she was with out to me. I LOVED IT! I actually tried a mean little game. I gave Abigail to my mom, then opened my arms back to see if she'd reach back at me (she did). Then I tried it again with Matt, and she did again. Adorable! Then the downside of the reaching began when she gives you a sad face and reaches. It's the "Mommy, save me" face. I cannot resist it.

The "Mommy, save me' face has been brutal. Last week, I got it almost every time I tried putting her down. My mom said Abigail missed all the attention because last Monday was when my parents and Abuela went back to Tampa. She wasn't getting full naps in while our visitors were here and therefore her night sleeping was affected. We spent the rest of last week trying to get back into a semi-routine. Then we spent lots of fun time with my grandparents this last weekend.

Monday was an extra snuggly day, Abigail took two short naps (both on me). I didn't mind because she had not been napping well so much, I was willing to do whatever worked. We ran to Publix and cooked dinner for a mom friend that recently had a baby. That night, Abigail spit-up, quite a lot while Matt was playing with her. We shrugged it off until she projectile vomited all over me. I called my cousin to get some advice, and decided I needed to go get some Pedialyte. Before I got off the phone, she puked again. Seriously? I called my mom, then the pediatrician and while waiting for the on call nurse to return my call took her temperature. Ear and arm pit temps were completely normal. Trying to get her to drink the Pedialyte wasn't easy, she still doesn't like bottles (my fault, I know). Eventually, she slept fairly well considering.

Tuesday morning she seemed completely normal, back to her happy self. We had coffee with mom friends at Coffee Park, went to get me a GA driver's license then had Abigail's 2nd half 6mo immunization. The Pediatrician checked her over and even did a Strep swabbing (it was negative) before we continued on with the three immunizations. While Abs was screaming from her shots, I spied what looked like a tooth! It all clicked...the two nighttime feedings, the night terror-ish screams, no good naps, wanting to snuggle...poor girl! Post tooth discovery, Mom said that the vomiting was probably from the tooth too, crazy. I had been checking her gums daily and never felt a thing!

Wednesday, we trekked to Babies R Us. I stocked up on Baby Orajel and more teethers, so we can keep a good freezer rotation going. I also picked up a tri-lingual octopus and a shape sorter. I was using the Orajel, Little Teether Tablets, Tylenol in slow rotation and as you could see from the Wednesday night videos, she was feeling fairly well at the time. (We wait for the good moments to get her on video. No need to catch her screaming for the camera, esp when Janet cannot get the full effect watching the videos without sound at work.)

Thursday, the tooth is sharp and has pierced the skin. She's quite protective of her tooth, she's working hard for it and doesn't want to share it yet. We have not seen it, and she doesn't like it when we poke our fingers in her mouth to feel for it - I have no idea why she doesn't like it!?! After numerous attempts to get her to nap, I had to let her cry it out (CIO). It only took her 8 minutes before she fell asleep, but my head had been throbbing for hours so I gave into the CIO. Unfortunately, for both of us, the nap only lasted 20 minutes. Matt eventually got her down for another nap, but again it was barely long enough for me to get a quick shower, so she got a shower too. She played well and enjoyed rolling around on the floor. Matt and I let her play solo, as we didn't want to spoil her good mood. Matt rocked and read her to sleep again last night. I got to hear him read to her through the monitor, he was reading The House of Many Colors with lots of fun Sesame Street voices...SO CUTE!!!

I woke Abigail up earlier today, and she was happy and played for a couple hours before I put her down for a nap. The tooth must not be bothering her as much yet today. She's actually been snoozing for about an hour (hallelujah! - I think this is by far the longest nap this week!).

Tonight, we're heading to have dinner with Adam, Elaine and Evie! Now that Evie is walking and Abs is on the verge of crawling, Matt should be able to get some really good pictures.