Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun Week

I cannot believe it's Thursday already!

On Tuesday, we went to Coffee Park and while we got there early, Abs decided she wanted to have a meltdown instead of socializing so we dipped out early. We slowly made our way home and were just hanging out when Elisha (a Marietta Mom) called and invited us over to go swimming. I was excited to try Abigail in the pool (esp after she got overheated at the beach Memorial Wknd). Abs was still groggy since I woke her up from snoozing on the car ride. Abs was very much entertained by Maddie (she's 2mo older than Abs).

Elisha thought we could come swim again today, but it's raining outside! The pool fun reminded me that my brother's place has a pool, so we're going to go swimming over there when we are in Tampa in a few weeks.

When we eat dinner at night, we put Abigail in her highchair and let her play. We were amused with what she did with these... looks like this is all I have time to blog today...