Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Nephew & Independence Day

Hello all and Happy 4th of July. Of course, today everyone is celebrating with fireworks and cook-outs, and it looks like we'll be doing the same this evening here in Marietta. We've got a house full with Wayne, Anita, Abuela, Bob & Sharon all here for the long weekend. Normally this weekend's festivities would be enough to blog about, but we actually have great news to share. Yesterday, we got to welcome our nephew (and Abby's 1st cousin) into this world. That's right, baby Gavin Edison Daniel has arrived. My sister Valerie had gone into labor sometime during Thursday night and finally gave birth at 5:47pm, with Gavin weighing in at 6lbs, 15oz. (which I called before delivery).

The Friday for all of us here in Marietta started out with plans to go antiquing in the small town of Madison, GA (East GA). We made the 1.5 hour drive out that way while getting word sometime along the way that Valerie had been admitted into the hospital. We stuck to our plans, though, and did a little walking around the small downtown of Madison. I eventually got bored and jumped in the car to look for things to photograph on the rural roads of Morgan County, but not too far outside of town my Mom called and said things were progressing. Jill and I decided it'd be best if we started heading that way, so in the car the 3 of us went and made the drive to Piedmont Hospital in Fayetteville (south of ATL). Once there, we met up with family in the waiting room and just awaited the arrival of baby Gavin.

As I already mentioned, Gavin Edison Daniel arrived at 5:47pm and it wasn't too long before Uncle Matt had a camera in his face to capture his first moments meeting all the family and friends. If Abby is the most photographed baby, trust me that Gavin will be the 2nd most. It's going to be so fun to see the two cousins (and hopefully future cousins) grow up together over the next several years. Here's some photos from yesterday: