Monday, July 6, 2009

Proceeding With Caution

I don't think we've really mentioned how extremely active Abs is becoming. She rolls so much! She will haphazardly roll where she ends up at another angle than where she began. If we take our eyes off her momentarily, we'll find that she's no where near the center of the blanket where we left her. She does this funny banana pose, her head/neck are lifted as are her legs; we think she's trying to sit up. Here is a video from sometime last week when Abuela was here, it's after Abs rolled off her cushioned blankets to kick on the floor. She still loves to kick, especially when it makes noise; she kicks hard but it never seems to bother her.

Abs is sitting SO extremely well and is balancing better (and staying sitting up longer) each day. She has figured out she can get what/where she wants with the haphazard rolling if she's determined on a toy or blanket fringe. We have caught her scooting backwards and actually did a one-two crawl for me this evening, but then wouldn't do it again when Matt was also watching. While I went out to water the compost and our little grass sprouts, Matt moved Abs to the Woodsy Room in attempts to try her crawling on carpet (instead of the layers of blankets in the Living Room). She can get better grip on the carpet, but I don't want her to get rug burn on her cute little knees! Abs was getting fussy, so we didn't play there long. When Matt changed her diaper a bit later, I glanced over at her and noticed she was reaching for the open box of wipes (Matt had walked to the bathroom to flush the gDiaper). I stayed put, but watched her intently while she managed to roll over until Matt walked back into the room. He was surprised to say the least, and enjoyed patting her cute naked bottom while I couldn't help but make it a Kodak moment.Abs had been fighting another nap for a while, so Matt took her upstairs to read a few books. Not long after Matt was upstairs, it sounded like he was stomping on the floor (Abigail's room is right above the Living Room). I went up there to check on him and stumbled upon another Kodak moment! He said she fell asleep before he finished the second book, she was exhausted!

We do have more video we'd like to eventually post, but we reach our maximum upload (for our FOUR Vimeo accounts) very easily! I think Matt has some Forth of July pictures to post too, maybe tomorrow! And as soon as we're able to capture Abigail crawling you'll see it here first! Oh, I failed to mention she sort of waves, but I haven't been able to get that on camera yet either.