Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh my, Abby's 8 Months Already!

Wow, where has the time gone? This morning I looked upon our baby girl and had to just shake my head in disbelief. That's because today Miss Abby is officially 8 months old! No way to explain the feeling of pride and happiness when I look at our little darling because she's just such a great kid already. Not only is she all over the house crawling non-stop, but she's also beginning to make more tangible sounds including an oh-so-close "momma" jibber jabber. Amazing how quickly her progress is beginning to go, which is all the reason more for us to take plenty of photos and video. With that said, I give you...(drum roll)...some recent shots of Abby. Yeah, and by new I mean 2 weeks old which means I'm in dire need of taking new photos soon, so maybe tonight I'll take some. In the meantime, enjoy the most recent images of our little 8 month old.

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"Nina" said... quickly the time passes! Love on her lots everyday!!!