Saturday, August 1, 2009

We Had a FUN Day!

Today started out early, Abigail wanted to spend some time with us in our bed this AM. Matt and I crawled out of bed around 9am...already a late start. Originally, I had wanted to be getting to the Zoo when it opened at 9:30, oh well. We were almost ready to leave the house and Abs started to crawl in our bedroom so we decided to grab the camera for some video. She's been army crawling for quite a while, and occasionally has done the regular crawl.

Once we were ready and had enough playing around we went and closed our bank accounts at Fifth Third and finally headed to the zoo. Some of my Marietta Mom friends cued me into first of the month FREE weekends at different attractions around town all we have to do is flash our Bank of America cards. (Check out to see what you can do free with your BoA card!)

Zoo Atlanta was fun. I don't know if it was because a lot of people know about the BoA free weekends, or if it's always very busy on Saturdays; either way it was busy. Luckily, because we had arrived late, Abigail slept the entire way there and was fresh and awake upon arrival. She was most amused by the animals that moved: flamingos, birds, little orange monkeys, a panda. I think her favorite was the otters, four of them jumped in the water as soon as we walked up and started swimming around. (Alyssa, aren't these your favorite too?) We made it all the way around and even got to pet a couple goats in the petting zoo.

It was still early in the afternoon so we decided to visit Fernbank as well; might as well take advantage of a city we live in, esp when we have free admission! Fernbank is Atlanta's Museum of Natural History, unfortunately I was a little disappointed because I was expecting it to me more like Tampa's MOSI - I guess I didn't pick up on the 'Natural History' part. We finished up right at 5pm, closing time.

Once back home... Matt vacuumed Toby'd couch, I vacuumed upstairs, we did some laundry, I baked for church tomorrow. As I was baking, Matt started calling me to them. He was fake hitting his head, saying 'ouch' and Abigail laughed and laughed and laughed. I grabbed a camera, but not the better of the two video cameras, so I must apologize for the dimly lit over pixel-ated quality.

Our baby girl is alseep in bed so it's time to wrap this blog up, as well as the laundry and baking.