Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday in Tampa

Today, Abigail had smashed banana and smashed mango. SHE FINALLY LIKES REAL FOOD AGAIN!!! Last week, she slowly started liking her Happy Bellies Cereal again; although she still hadn't been opening up her mouth like a little bird again yet. This week, we're singing a new tune! Matt and I have been giving her Organic Puffs every night when we eat dinner. Abigail sits in her highchair and we giver her some Puffs to play with while we eat, it's usually a game to see how fast she can push them off her tray instead of them going in her mouth. I guess Toby has eaten so many, he doesn't even want the Puffs anymore. Well, Monday night, my dad was playing with Abigail and offered her the Puffs, and my child opened her mouth like that little bird I remembered her being! She's been enjoying the Puffs all week. Today at my grandparent's I smashed a bit of banana and she ate it. She did so well, I smashed two pieces of mango. I think the mango was a bit sweet for her, she made some funny faces (but none of them were gagging faces). I was thrilled!

Abigail had some more fun with cousins Mason and Melina!

We finished off the afternoon at Abuela's, where we got to visit with some of Abuela's cousins. Abigail had horrible napping today, so she's already in bed. I might try giving Toby a bath with some of my free time.

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"Nina" said...

Miss you Matt! Abigail is too!