Monday, August 17, 2009

Yay, My Girls...and Toby...are Back Home!!

Hello everyone. Just wanted to make a quick post and say how great it is to have my family back home with me. It was a good week for Jill, Abby and Toby in Tampa, but I missed the heck out of them and am so glad to have them all safe back home again. Of course, one week away from Abby these days makes it seem like I've missed a month. Before they left, Abby was just getting the crawling down pat and was still refusing to really eat solids. Now a week later, Abigail is eating her solids like a champ and is the apple of my eye watching her crawl right to me time and time again. We had a lot of fun this evening. Honestly, no words to describe the feeling of hearing her laugh again. Hands down the best sound in the world. :-)

Anyways, Tio Wesley joined the crew on the drive back up to Atlanta, and so he'll be staying with us for a week. I'm sure my (technically Abby's) xBox will get plenty of play time this week, and we might even try to leave the house for dinner and other outings this week since he's in town. Well, it's late and I really need to call it a night. G-night!

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