Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Abigail is concentrating very hard on the Learning Puppy. She had just tried to crawl OVER the singing puppy, and as her nose smashed into his he said 'Got my nose!' Notice her tongue, it is on her top lip.
This was the second time Abigail has pulled this on top of her, but only the first time I've seen it (the other time she was with Daddy). It's hard to tell if she was going after the mirror, dragonfly or just trying to stand up using the arches (which are very unstable thank goodness!). I think the playmat might need to be put away very soon.
Here's a quick shot before we went for a mile and a half yesterday. We actually went again today. Both of the kids enjoy the outing, we're trying to make it more of a habit!

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