Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boy or Girl? Your Predictions


Will we be the proud parents of a baby Boy or Girl? Jill and I know what we'll be having, but most of you don't, so make your predictions here.


Uma and Wil said...

I voted a boy and really it has nothing to do with the way Jill's belly looks. I really hated people coming up to me while I was pregnant and trying to convince me that I was, in fact, having a boy because of the way I carried. Morons. Anyway, Jill, you look great! I just want to see a baby Mateo.

Kristi said...

I didn't vote yet. I'm still pondering which I'd want it to be.
If it's a girl, Barnes is in for it in 15 years. :)
But if it's a boy, Barnes is ready for Crash jr. from day one.
And I think Jill would be happy with either sex, but she probably leans towards a girl, to make her hubby I even close?

Congrats you two!

JillBarnes said...

We really didn't have a preference, boy or girl, just a healthy baby! And I'd prefer not to be in the hospital for whether baby comes a little early or late, the further from Christmas the better (especially for celebrating birthdays later on in life!).

crashmattb said...

Baby boy or baby girl, I'm sure they'll continue the "crash" tradition. It's in the genes, just ask my parents.

Alyssa said...

I can't vote, my option isn't there!:

Alyssa said...

this needs to be your child's future:

Anita J said...

I voted for my first thoughts on this from the beginning which is a boy. I think his first photo looks like Jill, especially the chin & mouth. Jill thinks the lips look like Wayne's, so I'm not the only one who see this (because Jill looks so much like her Daddy!) As for 'crash' in the genes, Wes had his share of bumps & bruises, so I think it runs on both sides!

crashmattb said...

Wow, the poll results are a bit lopsided. Guess all you people are guessing it'll be a baby boy. No love for a baby girl? Just kiddin. Well, we're super excited to share the gender of Baby Barnes with some of you this weekend.

And Alyssa, thanks for the clips. I'd almost forgotten about the name you picked out for our kid, "SportsCenter" Barnes.

Anita, are you saying my child has no resemblance of me??? :-) I think he/she has my ears. Hopefully, not my big honkin nose.