Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend in Birmingham

Toby vs. Mr. Ducky
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Our visit to Birmingham was better than I hoped as Jill and I got to see many familiar faces over the weekend. We started it all off by visiting The Melting Pot on 280 where we both worked like crazy for a couple of months before making the move to Nashville. The food was awesome, of course, and it was nice seeing a couple of old coworkers including my two bartenders. At least there's some consistency, right. Anyways, all was good after the 3 hour fondue extravaganza and we headed back to crash on the semi-deflating air mattress for some needed sleep.

Saturday was a really, really long day as we knew it would be. Jill and I went out to Patton Creek for a little shopping, including a stop at the Auburn Gear store. I managed to grab a hat & shirt to freshen up my gear for the upcoming football season that will be here very soon. By the way, I'm going nuts in anticipation about the upcoming season. I can't get enough of college football blogs, podcasts and preseason predictions.

So, we eventually managed to get back to G&D's before everyone began showing up for Mr. G's birthday pool party. Jill threw on her prego bathing suit, I adorned my board shorts, and Toby...well, he just showed up ready for some fun. The weather was unbelievably hot as most summer days tend to be in Birmingham, which made me wonder why the pool was so darn cold (81 degrees). Regardless, we played some water volleyball and Toby got to deflate a beach ball while getting used to the water temp. I did manage to snap some shots of Toby playing with Jill where she would toss it to him and he would knock it right back to her. It seemed like he was trying to catch it, but couldn't fit it in his mouth resulting in a quick snout punch back to Jill.

Toby Plays Ball

Later on more and more people showed up (some I knew), and eventually I made way to the grill to take on the night's grilling duties. Burgers & chicken (guess for who???), yum! We finished up dinner and the party proceeded downstairs for drinking games, karaoke and other shenanigans, and since Jill and I weren't really crazy about all that stuff we just hung out on the back deck chatting. Before midnight Jill was headed for dreamland, and I headed that way a little bit later. And despite the loud karaoke going on into the late night, we got some sleep.

Sunday was nice because we made our way back to Mountaintop Church, our former church, for the first time since our move to Nashville. I was suprised by seeing Kevin, the media director, beginning the service by singing a themed song in his best semi-country accent, which is funny because he's not country and he never sang while we were there. Anyways, the service was good and we got to stop and chat with a few people from the past. Each time we had to hear, "so you're moving back" and of course we replied each time with, "um, nope we're just visiting." Honestly, though, the church and people are probably one of the things I miss most about our former lives there. Good times.

After church we grabbed BBQ at Jim N' Nicks, went back to G&D's to pack, and then headed back up I-65. Jill got in touch with her good friend, Emily, who lives in Huntsville so we stopped there to see her since they hadn't seen each other in a while. And yes Kristi, I thought about you guys, but figured we'll catch you guys next time. Anyways, I was pretty much traveled-out by time we got home, but we survived the weekend. Woohoo!


Kristi said...

::jaw dropped on the floor!!!!:: We were home all day too. :(

crashmattb said...

Sorry, buttah! Next time, I promise. :-(