Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This Innocent Face by JILL

Tuesday night was Matt's last softball game of the season (and not a game too soon after his injury last week!)

Toby Up Close

Our A/C was out, so I left Toby with his freedom downstairs since it's cooler. When we got home 4 hours later...

I opened the door to find a chewed through box of cake mix on our dining room floor! I continued on into the kitchen, where another chewed cake mix box was found. Yes, the powdered cake mix left quite a mess, but of course that wasn't even the worst part! Our 'high tech' trashcan had been turned over and all the trash was EVERYWHERE! Needless to say, Toby will get NO freedom in the future!


crashmattb said...

The only positive spin I can take out of the whole mess he created was that his face now smells like cake batter. Just ask Jill, there are worst things his face could smell like! :-)

Kristi said...

HA! So he's not old enough to be left alone either? Lucy, our great dane, gets caged every day and she's over 2 years.
A year ago we had a garage sale. We let the girls roam around inside the house while we were in the garage, a door away. We heard some chewing and thought it was Lucy chewing on her Nylon bone. It's very loud when she chews on it. After 10 minutes I went to check. Nope, not the bone. Just a wall corner and trim in the kitchen. Ughhh...A bored great dane can be super destructive in 10 minutes. I don't think she'll ever grow out of that.
Cake batter is my favortie candle sent. So I'd probably just make Toby sit beside me and smell his head all night. Smelling cake but not taking in the calories. Sounds like a win-win to me. :)

Anita J said...

I think Matt had conspired with Toby so that Jill wouldn't be angry with Matt for playing softball after his neck injury last week (and barely being able to move!!!) Come on, Matt, fess up! You made Toby the fall guy!!!!
LU Mom

JillBarnes said...

Haha, nice try Anita! Trust me, if it was only the cake mix he got into I might claim that theory, but not after I had to clean up a fully packed trash can full of stuff off the kitchen floor. That was just nasty! And I survived softball with no injuries, so all is good, plus no more until April now. :-)

Kristi, I'm not sure sitting him beside you would work now since the cake mix smell is wearing off. His musty stink is starting to take over, and it sort of makes a crazy smell & old cake, uh not so good! Haha.

Uma and Wil said...

I can't tell you have many pairs of shoes I've lost because of the boys. The curious thing is they always chew on one shoe from a pair, so I always have the other one to remind me not to trust them ever again. See my blog for Bru's latest keep away.