Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stuck on the Couch by JILL

Stuck on the Couch
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Literally, Matt is stuck on the couch! It took him at least 5 minutes to get off the couch. I found such humor in this, and had to photograph the moment.

How did this happen? Matt had another 'eventful' softball game last night, thus making today the best/worst recovery day, to date! I was impressed, Matt kept his sliding and diving to a minimum. Unfortunately, although Matt did score runs, aid in RBIs and even had two homers, the Griffin Jammers still lost all THREE games. I was happy, no new scrapes!

The fun really began at home. Matt heard a pop and then couldn't move his neck. Upon much moaning and groaning, we slowly got Matt into bed to ice his neck. It wasn't pretty. We were at the chiropractor first thing this morning. Doc said the x-ray showed Matt's 2nd vertebrae was rotated at a 45 degree angle and was pinching a nerve. He was able to do some ice therapy and pop his neck back into place. He's taking it easy today with ice and a neck brace.

I'm hoping he will start feeling better soon...I'm only going to be home for another few hours until I have to go into work. Gotta love Recovery Wednesday!


Uma and Wil said...

Recovery Wednesday seems to get more intense as the season progresses. Hope you are feeling a bit better today. I'm glad Jill is not too far along yet. I was 7 months pregnant when Wil had his back surgery and taking care of the boys alone then was a pain, literally. You've gotta take it easy on the old aging body, man :).

Kristi said...

old age setting in? Jesus, I don't want to see my friends falling apart. Take it easy man and get to feeling better.
I guess my first stop after work will be the gym.

JillBarnes said...

Luckily, July 15th is the last game of the season and Matt will be COACHING from the sidelines.

Anita J said...

I do believe that coaching is what wins games! Get well so you can help bring that grandbaby of our's into this world (and you in one piece!) LU

crashmattb said...

I'm feeling much better today, thankfully. A little sore still, but no way it compares to the sharp spasms of pain I was enduring yesterday. Honestly, it made this 28 year old man cry.