Friday, July 18, 2008

Traveling to Birmingham...

Birmingham Skyline from Vulcan
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Jill and I are headed down to Birmingham this evening to spend time with Garrett and Danitza since it's Mr. G's big birthday. This is our first time back to our former city since we packed up our old house and moved everything to Nashville last November. It's got a special place in both of our hearts because we got back together there, got engaged atop the Vulcan statue, and of course we were married @ the Ross Bridge Resort. It did take some time for the area to grow on us, but we found a lot of comfort in our renovated house, awesome church and many friends there. Still part of me does hold a grudge against the city for a few things, and that may just be because of the whole "losing my job and having to completely move" situation. Regardless, we're better off now living in Nashville despite still missing those friends, our church and even our old home.

The celebrations begin Saturday...and last pretty much all day Saturday. I'll attempt to turn a darker shade of pale hanging out at G&D's pool, and Jill will get to enjoy some lounging time herself. And just maybe I'll be able to snap a few photos while in town. Have a great weekend!

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The Joiners said...

I'm a Birmingham native that now lives in Nashville and I was pleased to read you and your wife are too, according to the blog. Hope you guys had a great visit - I'm heading down there myself soon. Congrats on the upcoming new family member too!