Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Cold Outside by JILL

I ran some errands today... Toby needed a trip to the Vet, dropped off our DirectTV remnants with FedEx (yes, we canceled our service with them) and some dry cleaning, then refilled my asthma meds. I was in and out of the car a bit, and it's chilly out there! I guess I wasn't expecting this cold weather so soon, I thought moving more south would give us a little more time to enjoy cool but not cold weather.

Matt is getting very familiar with the weather right now! He got home from work early (right around 5pm) in order to work on the front yard of leaves. And there are A LOT of leaves! I brewed him some hot tea and just put some chicken noodle soup on the stove. The yard really needs the attention, but I really don't need a sick Matty! We really wanted a yard with mature trees, and now we're responsible for maintaining the mess those trees leave in the Fall. And since we've been so busy with the interior of the house (painting, unpacking, etc.), the yard hasn't been given any love until tonight. I hope the neighbors will appreciate all of Matt's hard work...and that Matt isn't sick tomorrow either!