Friday, November 21, 2008

Our 2nd Ultrasound by JILL

We got to see Abby today! The ultrasound went well, she was completely asleep the entire time. She is in a head down position, her spine is along the left side of my belly and her booty under my right boob. This puts her legs on the right side of my belly, which is why I can always feel her kicking me on the right side. She still looks like she has my nose & lips, we're in luck! :)

The ultrasound tech said she's measuring 2wks smaller than average. My due date hasn't changed, Abby is just measuring petite (this is great news for my petite hips!). The doctors might schedule another ultrasound in a couple weeks, to make sure she's growing - that she's petite and nothing is wrong with her growth. My next appointment is Wednesday.

Understanding the picture: Abby's forehead is on the far right. There's a very dark almond shape, this is her right eye. Her nose is horizontal, slightly highlighted. Then her hand/arm is under her chin (her left hand is directly 'under' her chin and right eye). You can slightly see her chubby cheeks! Remember though, her face is a bit smushed since she's positioned low already.