Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Six Weeks To Go by JILL

Abigail's ETA is now only 6wks away! I had my 34wk appt with my new OB today. Everyone was nice at the new office. There was only minor difficulty with the new insurance, since Matt only started with Philips on Monday. I was tested for Strep B and the doctor said my cervix is thinning (which is a good thing for those of you not familiar with this pregnancy process). The nurse was shocked over my excellent blood pressure after hearing about our interstate move. (Abby just started with her hiccups again!)

I'll go to the OB every week from here on out. Mostly so I'll have a chance to meet with all four of the doctors in the practice, since one of four will be the delivering doctor. The huge plus with this whole job/insurance change, we're getting another ultrasound! It'll be reassuring to see Abigail again, and make sure she's been growing as she's supposed to (although from measuring my belly & my weight, they say I'm right on target). Maybe we'll even get a glimpse of who she favors in the looks department. We're all expecting her to look more like Matt, since the majority of 1st born children look like their daddy's. And as our friend Danitza said, hopefully Abby will have my nose. ;)

Abigail's room still needs some work. With the help of his parents, Matt was able to get her room primed on Sunday. My parents will be back this Friday (on the way back through from their week vacation in Pigeon Forge). The plan is to paint her room Friday then we'll all be off to La Grange on Saturday for another showering of presents! Then her room can start looking like a baby's room! We'll be able to put her crib together and the glider (and by "we" I really mean Matt and our parents). Then Abigail's crib can be made and her clothes can be put away...all in time for her arrival in 6wks or so. We're looking forward to it! (...sooner than later!!!)