Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Wonderful Husband by JILL

It's been rainy all day here. We went to the grocery store first thing, because we managed to finish up all the milk and oj before I went and bought more. We had a late breakfast, I wrapped some Christmas presents and football was on TV. The Christmas decor was pulled out, and Matt started putting together our tree. (Never buy a pre-lit tree, such a pain in the rear!) We pulled off all the pre-lit and put other lights on it, it looks much better! I'm sure it will be less of a hassle taking it down, and putting it back up next year. While the tree isn't ornamented yet, it looks great, Matt did such a good job! He even strung the lights during the Iron Bowl! Although the TV is right next to the tree, I'm impressed...unfortunately our dear Auburn Tigers weren't playing a game worth watching. It's now late in the evening and I decided I wanted chocolate chip cookies. We don't have any and Matt asked if we had ingredients to make them, fresh! We do, so we mixed up a batch. Now I'm patiently waiting for the delicious cookies to finish baking in the oven...and eat them with a big glass of milk! Isn't he wonderful!?!