Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Walk in the Park

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy (hmmm...I wonder why?), and so we really needed to just enjoy a relaxing Sunday in our new city. Jill had brought up Piedmont Park as an possible spot to shoot this year's Christmas card a few days ago, so we decided to trek down to Midtown to check the park out. I've driven by the park a hundred times, especially when I would meet up with friends in Virgina Highlands, but I've never actually walked around before. From a location standpoint, the park is close to downtown, which means that you can get some really great views of the Atlanta skyline while walking around. And since Jill & I would just be walking around for a while, we figured Toby would enjoy some time outdoors time also.

Although it was a little cool and the skies were a bit gray, we enjoyed walking around in the park and definitely will be back, especially when were able to take Abby. Now since I'm battling a migraine headache right now, I'm going to end this blog here, but feel free to check out a few of the photos we took today from Piedmont Park.

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