Monday, December 22, 2008

Day Two

It's been a fairly quiet and slow day for us here since no visitors have dropped by and we've had time to enjoy it just being the 3 of us. Not too long ago we were spending some time cuddled into Jill's hospital bed to watch a little tv, which had to have been a sight. Overall, Abby is sleeping and eating well at times, but she does occasionally show signs of that Barnes/Henriquez stubbornness that Jill and I possess. After some helpful tips from the lactation specialist, though, Abby seems to not fight her feedings as much. To make things easier, Jill's in a laying position that is allowing her to rest comfortably while Abby eats (and semi-naps) next to her. And yes, I'm keeping a watchful eye on them both in case you were worried about Jill rolling over or something.

By the way, we may be able to go home tonight if Jill's OB gives the final sign-off. The OB came in this morning and said everything looked good and would be back after office hours to make the final call. If we do go home, I'm sure you'll see photos on the blog tonight of our grand arrival. Stay tuned.

So, I haven't been able to snap that many photos today, but I did process a few that I shot yesterday. Now I know she's already one whole day older than when I took the pics, but you should be able to recognize her still. Ha!