Friday, December 19, 2008

Here Comes Christmas...& Abby!

Holiday Home Decor

Considering how crazy things have been, especially over the last 2 months with our move to Atlanta, Jill and I are welcoming the next couple of days with arms wide open. Christmas is only 6 days away, and normally that would be a big enough event in itself, but of course you all know what we're really waiting for. That would be the arrival of our precious little daughter, Abigail Jaclyn, who is officially due in 4 days on the 23rd. Yeah, we're hoping she's early, though. And now that Jill's parents and Abuela are here from Tampa (drove up yesterday), I'm hoping Abby's done waiting for the perfect time to leave her comfortable little home in Jill's belly and make her appearance into this world. Regardless of whether it happens today, tomorrow or next Tuesday, I can't wait to finally hold my baby girl in my arms and give her plenty of daddy kisses! :-)

By the way, above is a photo of our home all decorated up for the holidays. Since we're expecting many visitors in the next few days, I figured it would be nice to have the house all lit up for this year's very special Christmas. And yes, "Christmas Vacation" is one of my all-time favorite holiday season movies and so maybe that explains all the lights. Ole Clark W. Griswold would be proud. Haha!

"Is your house on fire, Clark?
"No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights."

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