Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Drink the Water by JILL

Seriously, do not drink the'll get yourself knocked up!

It wasn't long after we discovered I was pregnant that it started going around. Kristin, a co-worker of mine, revealed she was expecting a month after me. Next was Sara, Matt's co-worker's sister - she was on the co-ed softball team with Matt, she's 8wks behind me. A bit down the road Julie (she was AU IND with Matt) shared her news, she's due in March. Then another co-worker of mine from the hotel, Marina, is due late April or early May. Unfortunately, all but Julie is in I'll be missing out on those babies! Julie actually lives here in ATL, so that'll be exciting for the kids to play.

Onto more pregnancy revelations: My cousin's sister-in-law's surrogate is pregnant with twins, due in June (they've been trying to get pregnant for 5+yrs!). Last month we got the news that as of July, we'll be Uncle Matt & Aunt Jill...Matt's sister is pregnant. And today, I received the news that our friend from Birmingham, Danitza, is preggers now too!

We are so excited for the baby boom! It'll be a lot of fun having more babies around the same age as Abby. And Abby already has one friend waiting on her arrival, Matt's HS buddy's daughter Evie. Abby & Evie will only be 6mo apart, lots of fun! The next few years are going to be so much fun with many little ones around!