Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pregnancy Update by JILL

My 38wk appt was today. I'm 75% effaced, but still not yet dilated. There will be a lot of walking in the next week for me! Unfortunately, my feet, ankles and legs are swollen and the OB says it wont go away until a good few weeks after Abby is born. Oh joy! I asked about Abby's size since it really hadn't been discussed since 35wks, I was reassured that ultrasounds could be up to 3wks off (in either direction) this far along in pregnancy. Even though it could be off, the OB scheduled me for another ultrasound next Friday.

I am getting to the point of really wanting my body back to myself. I've had such a great pregnancy but it's about time for Abby to make her grand entrance. I'm not sleeping well throughout the night anymore, and it's not just because I'm up for potty breaks. I constantly feel worn down, probably due to the lack of good sleep and all the extra weight I'm toting around. Abby has been in position for a good few weeks, and my belly looks lower which I can feel more since it's now uncomfortable to sit in most positions. Somehow she has not received the eviction notice.

And this is where I stop complaining, because for those of you who have children, you already know exactly how I'm feeling. But for those of you who drank the water (from my previous blog), I don't want to cause you to dread these last few weeks, hopefully you'll just forget in the meantime! And for those of you who wont be drinking the water for another year or more, I do want you to drink eventually! I guess I'm due, after all I'm still overly thankful I didn't have ANY morning sickness! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!