Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh Baby...Here We Go!

UPDATE @ 4pm: Jill had her water broken around 3pm, and she's been on pitocin for a little over 2 hours. Now we're adding pain killers to the IV cocktail to give her some pain relief, which should in turn give her a chance to get some rest. Jill wasn't able to get a whole lot of sleep last night ever since we found out yesterday that she was going to be induced and had to wait for the call that a room was available. With contraction pains growing stronger as time goes by, this should be some great sleep before she jumps into the next stages of labor. Although I should probably catch some shut-eye myself, I just don't think I'll be able to sleep. I'll update in a short while.

Early Stages @ 8:45am: The long-awaited arrival of our baby girl is now only hours away now that Jill is in the first stages of being induced. We've arrived at the hospital around 6:15am this morning after getting the call that a room had finally come available. From there it has been a slow process of checking in, settling into the room, having the baby monitor and contraction monitor hooked up, and now waiting for the drugs to kick in. Since this is the first, the nurse does not expect the labor process to be quick, especially since Jill is not dilated yet. That means we could welcome Abigail into this world anywhere between this evening and sometime early morning tomorrow. I'll be updating the blog as things progress, so stay tuned and keep Jill and Abby in your thoughts and prayers.