Friday, April 10, 2009

Approaching Easter Weekend

The work week is coming to a stormy end tonight as those Spring showers fall, and the 3 of us are having a catchup night with the DVR. For me at least, the week absolutely flew by. The days have been less hectic at work...this week...which was a nice change of pace compared to the long work days of the past few weeks. However, I felt like I was sort of working every night this week, too, because I've been editing photos from Saturday's photo shoot. Seeing how well the photos turned out considering they were my first portrait sessions does make the amount of time I'm devoting to them worth it, though. And yes we made sure to squeeze in some time Saturday to take a few photos of Miss Abigail also.

Yesterday evening we made the trip down to LaGrange so we could see the Easter play at Mom & Dad's church, and even got spend a little time with Myra & PawPaw before the play began. The play was great as always (including Dad & Justin's roles) from where I was sitting, but Jill and Abby did little or no sitting during the play, however. Abby wasn't upset the whole time, but she didn't want to sit still in a church pew for two hours either, so Jill spent most of her time close to the auditorium doors. When it was over Mom & Dad got to take Abigail off our hands and show her off to all their church friends. We also stopped for dinner at IHOP before heading back home, which ended up being a late arrival past 1am.

And so now we're looking towards Easter Sunday. Wayne & Anita are arriving tomorrow sometime around noon, so Abby gets to spend time with her other grandparents as well, and then we will head back down to Newnan for Easter lunch with my side of the family. Fun family weekend! So, if there are no more updates, please know that we'll be ready to blog again when the weekend is over. So God Bless, and have a great Easter, folks!