Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ear Piercing, Easter Bunny and Taxes...Oh my!

What a day! It was an eventful one for all 3 of us, but we're now winding down and Jill and I are putting together all of the videos and photos of the main events. Here's the recap:

Abby's New Bling

So, early this week Jill suprised me with "hey, Abby's getting her ear's pierced for Easter this week." Although I knew it was going to happen soon....very very soon....I somehow kept denying that she would go through with it. Afterall, Abigail is so darn cute already, what's a little bling on the ears going to do? Enough I guess, so I met Jill at the mall across from my office so the deed could be done. So far I had managed to slip out of going to those doctor appointments where she got her immunizations, but today made up for that. I sat in the stool and held Abigail while the lady first marked her ears with a pen and then proceeded to use the little tool to pierced her ears. She cried pretty intensely, but I think that had just as much to do with me having to hold her still as it was the actual pain of the act. Both ears were done and both Abby and I survived with only a few tears being shed. Here's the videos:

Left Ear

04-01-09 Left Ear from Matt Barnes on Vimeo

Right Ear

04-01-09 Right Ear from Jill Barnes on Vimeo

Here's the aftermath photos:

Sometime afterwards Jill took Abigail to see the Easter Bunny and got this photo:
(btw, anyone else think this bunny is a little deranged??? haha!)

Later on this evening we finally sat down with our tax preparer at H&R Block. Even though I was astonished at how expensive they were (fee was somewhere around $350), we're glad to have this done. For the past few years we've used TurboTax, and although cheaper, we both feel it's not always accurate. Since we had the move, which was technically not reimbursed, as well as Abby's arrival on 12/20 we got to take apply some hefty deductions. We'll be getting money back in 8-15 days and it'll help as we move close to the closings of our townhouse and home here.