Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back from Arkansas

Well, I survived Arkansas! Yes, the trip was bit crazy after dealing with my flight cancellation Monday night and then waiting for hours Tuesday at Atlanta airport on standby for another flight. I missed my meeting with our Walmart sales group Tuesday morning, along with all my classes that I was supposed to be taking while there for the Expo, but tried my best to make up for it when I finally did get there. My Wednesday flew by, but I spent a majority of my morning walking on the tradeshow floors and talking with vendors. I did get to take a few classes in the afternoon, as well as make some time to visit with our Walmart sales group for a short while also. The trip home was normal for the most part with even the suprise of my plane arriving almost 30 mins early, but my hope of ending on a good note with Delta was all squashed when they told us that they didn't have a gate available. Instead of arriving early, I ended up walking off the plan 15 mins late. Awesome! Then after waiting almost 45 mins for my bag to appear in baggage claim I grabbed a MARTA train back to where I parked on the north side near my office and then headed home. A very strange, and very quick trip, but I think it was worth sticking with it and not just canceling it altogether as I was considering.

As for free time, I did try to enjoy a little bit of the Arkansas countryside on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Since I had arrived well after the first day of the conference, I decided to take the rental car out into the Ozarks to go visit a really interesting place. You see, I had found out about a remote little spot deep in the Ozark Mountains a few miles outside of Bentonville called War Eagle. Being the rabid Auburn fan that I am, I couldn't help but visit such a well-named place. And so that afternoon I took the short drive over there to take some photos of the old mill and 100 year old wood/steel bridge there. It was a nice way to relax after all the craziness of my flight cancellations and wasting hours at an airport.