Monday, April 6, 2009

LOL at Abigail

Abigail is in her swing so I can update the blog. I know it's been about a week (and I even received a phone call this morning from my grandparents making sure I was aware it's been 3 days since they've received a new pic).

When I walked into the kitchen to let Toby back inside, I could hear Abigail laughing. Her laugh is so contagious. I have NO idea what she laughs at sometimes, she's such a happy little girl. She has a giggle, a girly little laugh. Then there is the facial laugh, without noise. But the funniest is the really loud laugh...the best way I can try to explain it is as if you try to make a noise while breathing in through your mouth. I'll have to get it on video one day. I cannot forget to mention the laugh/cry. This usually happens when she's starting to get fussy or sleepy. I got a bit of this a moment ago, and now she's snoozing in the swing.

I always buckle her in the swing, and it's a good thing since she's started trying to grab at her toes even while swinging. Matt and I are always amused by her kicking ability and her fascination with the kicking. As soon as we put her on her back, to change her diaper, those little legs get going.

I caught her trying to eat the top part of the little outfit, after she tried to touch her toes. Abigail tries to put everything in her mouth, but not much actually makes it IN the mouth yet. She usually lets go of whatever (not intentionally) before it gets to the mouth. Her hands are getting stronger and she's closing her hand on more recently. Abigail has been grabbing Matt's glasses off his face more often. She's also managed to grab onto his nose or mouth, with a finger inside the nose or mouth. It's funny. Last night and this morning, she got a huge fist full of my hair (and it was in a ponytail!). She pulls the pacifier out of her mouth and can hold onto it, but still cannot put it back into her mouth. I'm sure that feat will be achieved in the next couple weeks.

By the way, Matt's photoshoot was great on Saturday, and yes he did take some new shots of Abigail too. We had 8 or 9 mini-sessions and Matt has a ton of pictures he's trying to go through. Maybe he'll get a couple posted tonight or tomorrow for your viewing pleasure. I'm going to try to get a little accomplished around the house while she's snoozing. Have a great Monday!