Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This girl is nuts...

Currently, I'm sitting in bed and Abigail is sitting/squirming in between my legs. We came to bed at 10. I nursed her, and tried to make sure she was good and asleep before moving her from the boppy to her bassinet. She woke up. I tried to nurse her a bit more, she fell right back to sleep. And again, woke up once she was in the bassinet. During that hour and a half, Toby also was indecisive about his spot for the night and realized daddy's not coming to bed so I'm sleeping in his spot.

To get a good visual, the bottoms of my feet are touching and Abigail's back is against my left thigh. She is kicking/pushing against my right calf, almost forcefully enough where I think she could flip herself over my left thigh if she was a little longer. And while I type, she's peering around my arm with big eyes silently gumming her fingers. Scratch the silent part, occasionally she's talking. I've seen a few eye rubs, I know she's tired.

This late night routine has been happening for two weeks now, in case I've failed to mention it. It's hard to wake her up earlier in the mornings when she's keeping me up late too, and she obviously loves her sleep like her Momma. She naps well during the day, usually one longer nap and a few short naps. We play a lot and we'll let her kick and talk out some of that remaining energy...but there always seems to be an energy stash that keeps her going until 12 or 12:30am. I can tell she's getting drained, she's wide-eyed staring, quietly, at the white screen of my laptop...her arms up in what Matt calls the 'I'm not a crook' pose. This is also how she sleeps, which is partially why we were never able to swaddle her arms in.

Now her heavy eyelids have closed. But before I try to make the move from my lap to her bed, I'd like to take the opportunity to explain WHY Matt isn't coming to bed tonight. He is in Arkansas for work, something with Walmart and packaging. Poor guy was supposed to be on a flight Monday night around 9pm and the bad weather postponed it an hour or so. We (my dad, Abigail, Toby and I) dropped him off at the airport and we were almost home when I got a call from him. He checked his bag and was given a new boarding pass because his gate changed. The wonderful ticketing agent failed to mention that his flight was cancelled and he was put on the 4pm flight for Tuesday. Matt didn't realize this until he got to the new gate. My parents headed back to the airport to pick him up while I got Abigail to bed. (12:17am: Third transfer attempt failed.) Matt got up early this morning (Tuesday) to arrive at the airport early in attempt to try to fly stand-by for an earlier flight, no luck. He missed all his stuff today, but was able to visit War Eagle, Arkansas. He is flying back tomorrow night, hopefully his bad luck with Delta is over and he'll have no issues with his flight back tomorrow (Wednesday).

She is asleep again, this time on the boppy, it's not easy typing over her. Toby might just have to be demoted to the foot of the bed so I can lay her down next to me. Occasionally, I'll let her lay in our bed once Matt's gone to work...or she'll nap in our bed. Sleeping next to Abigail would be better than Toby's booty, which is what is currently at my pillow.

I have yet to mention... First of all, her ears are still looking great! Tomorrow will be two weeks since they were pierced. Second, she's getting bigger and doesn't look so itty-bitty in the Jumperoo. I'll have to take a pic or video of her soon so you can compare to the last set from the Jumperoo. Third, I had her laying down on her back tonight probably around 9:30 in attempt to let her kick out her remaining energy (as you've already read, that attempt was a huge failure). She kicks her legs up to touch her toes and slightly falls to her left. She repeated this so many times she completed TWO full circles all the way around. It was very amusing.

Now it's 12:45am and I'm exhausted. Have a great Wednesday everyone!