Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dockside with Tio Wes

I arrived in Tampa yesterday...spending the rest of the week here before Janet & Mike's wedding on Saturday AT THREE (see, I remember now). The drive down was great. I left the house at 5:30AM. We did a quick stop for gas, Starbucks and a Toby potty break in Tifton. Then arrived in Odessa at 12:30PM, I LOVE driving with a sleeping Abigail! It's a 7hr drive with one stop, normally. If Abigail needs to eat, the drive easily becomes 8hrs and if she's upset/mad/pissed (which is caused by late driving) it becomes a 9hr drive.

My brother dropped by to visit with Abigail not long after we arrived. I guess it's another perk from his current unemployed situation, in addition to getting to do lunch during the week with our grandparents.

Today we dropped by TECO so my dad could show off Abigail before we headed to lunch. Then we picked up my grandmother and went to International Mall, and met up with Alyssa. (Alyssa and I have waaaaay to similar taste at Loft, it's so funny! Oh and she makes the best blankets!) We finished off the evening with dinner in Brandon with the Garcia side of the family.

Tomorrow will be fun filled, we're spending the afternoon at my grandparents with Marisa, Mason and Melina! I'll be sure to get tons of pictures in Matt's absence.