Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Abs & Evie

Abigail and I went over to the Cook Residence tonight. Matt's out of town and Adam was working late tonight, perfect opportunity for the moms to chat and the girls to play! Abs and Evie did have lots of fun playing, and not always with the real toys! One of their most favorite 'toys' of the evening were coasters (yes, the small flat frisbee looking things you place your drink on to help contain condensation). Not sure how this started, but I ran to get my camera as quick as I could!

The boo-boo was from hitting one of the bones of the couch. In normal drama princess fashion, the tears were turned off with a quick hug from mom. (Did you notice how Abigail turned around and backed into my lap? She's been doing that for a while, it's so cute!)
Overall we had a great night, just the girls!


"Nina" said...

It is so cute to see them interacting. The giggling & it!!!

Alyssa said...

that second video is super precious!

Christina said...

I love all the giggling!