Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday & Tuesday

Monday started out not so great. Matt, before he even left for work, offered to let me go to Zumba in the evening while he got some solo daddy-daughter time. When I returned home Matt had heated some left-over Pastina for Abigail. He ended up mixing the Pastina with some plain yogurt and while it doesn't sound appetizing, Abigail enjoyed it!

Today Abigail and I joined some friends at a playdate in the morning. Abigail fell asleep on the ride home and actually took a FABULOUS nap! So fabulous that I was able to check my email, unload the dishwasher, wash some pots and do a load of laundry!

I also read a few chapters of The Art of Racing in the Rain for my mom's group book club. I have been very behind on my reading! Our meet up has actually been postponed two weeks already and I'm still not finished with this book. It's a good book, maybe not something I would have chosen on my own, but I'm liking it. Abigail's one nap transition hasn't allowed me to accomplish everything I'd like/need to do during that time frame. Thank goodness today was different!

Even after Abigail woke, she was in a great mood - which isn't always the case. I sat Abigail in her high chair (which she's fought for the last few days and didn't!) and she snacked on some strawberries and blueberries. I was able to make Rice Crispy Treats and Banana Split Cookies. When she was done with her snack, she would roam around the kitchen looking out the door and going up to the oven saying "hot". She loved the ovenmits after seeing me use them to pull the cookies out of the oven!

Matt felt another tooth on Sunday night. It's on her top right, this is tooth #9. We think it's one of her molars, and hopefully this is the cause of her recent crankiness and irritability! I guess we'll find out as the week goes on...and on and on!


Janet said...

Two great videos! She is so cute and I love the gibberish. I'm glad the sneaks are still fitting well!

"Nina" said...

Busy, busy girl! It is so much fun to see her developing skills: holding the spoon & feeding herself, putting the mitts on. She is soooo smart!