Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Indoor Playdate

There are plenty of places in and around Marietta to have indoor playdates, without being in someone's home. It's a nice change of pace, to get out and play with someone else's toys! Monday we trek'd a bit north of Marietta to DAC Kids, a pirate themed playground, to play with some friends from MOPS. This place was crazy!

I walked in and was taken aback because there was a huge wooden play structure (think 8302 Palma Vista Lane playground but on major steroids). It was complete with cargo netting and ladders to climb and a fireman's pole to slide down. Oh, before I describe any further, this structure is 'growing' from a giant sandbox! There are stationary air cannons that shoot little foam balls (slightly smaller than a tennis ball but really light). And no indoor playground would be complete without inflatable jump houses.

Abigail had no interest in the sand! She really didn't like it, but she loved the jump house.