Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Abigail is great. She has started cooing a little. My favorite noise right now is the little grunt she does at the end of each squirt of poo. I'm sure that's gross to most of you, sorry.

She's eating really well. Thanks to Marisa, we've now learned that the 'neh' cry means Abigail wants to eat. The supply and demand of 'the pantry' has evened out, although I've had a couple leakage problems - it's really not a nice trick, the leaking. Abigail eats well and has plenty of diapers to show for it. Daddy likes diaper changing time. Mommy handles the food going in, and daddy handles it coming out - gotta love baby bonding!

We still read to Abigail and she seems mesmerized looking at the colorful pictures. I know, you're all wondering about more pictures and while we do take pictures, they don't always come off Matt's camera as quickly as the pictures are snapped. We'll try to get them posted really soon for your viewing pleasure!