Friday, January 9, 2009

Web Randomness

Alright, I just had to blog about this. Sure, it's completely off subject from our normal blogs, but everyone needs a change of pace, so enjoy.

Yes, that's Colonel Sanders, Al gore & Bill Clinton on the left.

Call it a case of total web randomness or call it a "hidden gem of awesomeness" as I now term it, but either way you'll shake your head in with a smile. The images you see to the left are just 3 of 64 total "peep jokes" that can be found on an online packaging supply website. Maybe I should've known since the site is called Honestly, I found it purely by accident while trying to find a cheap packaging solution with a coworker for a project at work. Makes "WTF" instantly pop up in your head, right?! By far my favorite is the KFC Colonel Sanders cartoon above, but there's so many more jokes. And unlike chicken jokes you normally see/hear, pretty much all of these are fairly witty. Oh, and if you've got some better ones (Wesley), they even let you submit jokes. So, take a minute out of your time to follow the below link to see the site. The chicken jokes will be at the bottom of the page. Remember to hit the refresh button on your web browser (or F5 key) in order to load a new joke each time.