Monday, January 26, 2009

Eight Pounds

While we have not seen the latest Will Smith flick, I was able to weigh Abigail today!

Toby had an appointment for his annual shots at the vet and their was a kitty scale in the room. When they took Toby to the back for blood and fecal samples, I took it upon myself to weigh my FULLY CLOTHED daughter on the kitty scale! I emphasized FULLY CLOTHED because she was wearing a hat, long sleeve onsie & socks while I put her on the scale so no one can lecture me on the germs. She weighed a whopping 8lbs 2.5oz...part of that being the clothes, so she's probably right under 8lbs at 5wks. This is is up from 6lbs 1oz at her last appointment, when she was 9 days old. When I confessed to the vet that I used the scale, she laughed and explained it was actually a baby scale they use for kitties.

I did find a new nap time position for Abigail today. She was fighting sleep, which she normally doesn't do until it's bedtime. I gave her a little nap time snack and she fell asleep on the boppy. I was able to move the boppy off my lap and placed it next to me on the couch. It was amazing, she napped for almost 3 hours!

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon in La Grange - Abigail's first visit to her daddy's hometown. She had fun seeing her great grandparents, her grandparents (Nana & Papa), and her Aunt Val & Uncle J. Oh, and Matt's cousin Wendy and her husband Mike also stopped by briefly to spend some time with Abby.