Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sleep is NOT an Option

Alright, so last night I stayed up with Lil' Bit (aka Abby) and watched the Tostitos Bowl (Texas vs. Ohio State), which didn't even start until 8:30pm (honestly, could this have been earlier cause who cares if the west coast is still commuting home from work when the game is on).

Alright, so I figured:
A.) I could get my 2nd to last fix for college football before the season is officially over and then that dreadful 8 month layoff begins,
B.) that taking care of Abby downstairs for a few hours would give Jill a jump on her much needed sleep before the night really got going.

Yeah, I achieved both goals, but I forgot one thing...BCS bowl games last for at least 3.5 hours (due to all of the commercialization) and Abby sleeping during most of that means she'll be wide awake and ready to eat sometime close to the end of the game. I know it's only been a little over two weeks since I became a dad, however I should've been smart enough to know that something had to give and that ended up being my sleep. I'm absolutely exhausted this morning and I owe it all to my need to watch Texas beat Ohio State in a very good bowl game. You see, Abby woke up right as Texas was driving down the field in the weening seconds of the game. I attempted to keep her calm, but with less than 20 secs left in the game she decided that she'd had enough. So, I raced upstairs with baby in tow, woke up Jill to let her know that it was feeding time, and then flipped on the bedroom TV to watch the Texas wide receiver catch a Colt McCoy pass and streak into the endzone for the winning score. Woohoo! Yes, that woohoo is because at least I managed to see the end. I mean, come on, had I watched the entire game up until that point and not seen how it ended....well....that would've sucked.

Regardless, after Abby had her late night snack she was wide awake (as predicted), so Jill read a book and I read a book to her. I then got things together for the next morning, got ready for bed, and finally found my head hitting the pillow sometime around 1am+. Just a tad later than I wanted, which resulted in me sleeping through most of my alarms (yes, that plural) and having to rush this morning out the door so I could beat the always crazy ATL traffic to work. As I said above, I'm exhausted and the day is only beginning. I know, call me stubborn or naive or just plain dumb for thinking I could have my cake (as in football) and eat it too while having a newborn in the hacienda. Lesson learned. Geez, I'm sure glad football season is almost over. Ha!