Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday is Bath Time

Yesterday afternoon I came home and was welcomed with the a baby girl that had spent most of the day spitting up on herself. Jill had already begun prepping the bathtub in determination to have a clean Abigail before nighttime. So we went upstairs got all of the things ready so we could give Abby her first real "bath" bath. Of course, Abby was still showing those big gummy smiles (see previous post below), so I grabbed my camera and snapped off the following shot.

Reflected Smiles

After Abby and her daddy had some mirror fun smiling back and forth, we met back up with mom and let the fun begin. And Jill made sure that all that fun was not just Abby's by jumping in with her clothes on. I made sure to snap plenty of photos, which of course we will now share in the following slideshow. Enjoy!